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We have a lot to learn from our community is a space where we can learn from each others' experiences. Both students and practitioners of applied linguistics are invited to share their own experiences with others around the globe.

If you are a student of applied linguistics: Identify and interview an applied linguist or language professional in your community or a context where you hope to work. We've listed all the questions we asked our five practitioners in the book, but you should select those that are most interesting to you. You may also want to revise some questions or add new ones to fit your actual or eventual context of practice. With your interviewee's permission, you could audio- or video-record the interview (or ask your interviewee to respond in writing) to make sure you've captured their ideas before you share them.

If you are already a practising applied linguist: You might want to create a 'talking head' video in which you respond to the same questions, and post your interview here. Not only will it be a useful resource for students and other practitioners, it may be an excellent exercise in self-reflection and exploration of your own professional motivations!  Take a look at the videos below of Khawla, Duan Yan and Chandy sharing their experiences as applied linguists. 

When you are finished, send us your interview. We will review it, publish it on this website and share with our community.

Khawla Badwan talks about Applied Linguistics and being an English language teacher

Duan Yan talks to Liu Shu about being a translator and interpreter in China

Chandy Charlton talking about being an English language teacher and a speech and language therapist

 Send us your own interview, tell us about your experience as a practitioner of applied linguistics

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